Salt & your health

Salt is essential for the body to function. Farmers known that if they fail to provide salt licks for their cattle, the cattle will die. Salt is one of the basic elements of which the body is made. Without salt, we could not exist.

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While sea salt provides natural minerals and trace elements, it can also contain industrial poisons cast into the oceans over the years. For this rea

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Welcome to the Healthy Salt Company


The Healthy Salt Company has expanded into salt & salt artisan products since our inception and now purchases salt from many sources around the world. As a BioGro certified company our products are rigorously screened to ensure they come to you from sustainable, organic, & free trade sources. Initially we began importing Himalayan crystal salt and lamps to New Zealand in 2003 under Lotus Magik Limited. Now trading as The Healthy Salt Company, we continue to be a dedicated wholesaler of only the best quality Himalayan crystal salt products and organic spices within New Zealand.



Our salt is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain region hence the reference to "Himalayan Salt". The owners of The Healthy Salt Company have been to the mines, so we can authenticate this wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

We were taken by the utter beauty of the salt caves and the incredible ‘electrical’ energy in the purified, ionic environment of the caves. The temperature remains a constant 18°C, despite temperatures over 40°C outside.

Whilst there we spoke with many of the locals, and numerous communities are being supported by the trade in salt. The locals believe that this salt has been thrown up to the top of the Earth as a gift from Mother Earth for humans to use, otherwise the salt would have remained buried. The salt is mixed up with some 400 million year old rocks, which gives us an idea of its incredible journey from a once mighty ocean. 


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  • Chefs worldwide choose Himalayan crystal salt because of its flavour, its high nutritional value, and because it is 100% natural. And now households throughout New Zealand can enjoy the wonderful benefits of Himalayan crystal salt.


    Our salt is now available in most supermarkets, delis and health food stores throughout New Zealand. The Healthy Salt company products is now available in most supermarkets, delis and health food stores throughout New Zealand.


    Email us for your nearest stockist.

  • Over 250 million years ago a primordial ocean was evaporated by the sun, leaving behind a pristine crystalline salt. Today, this ancient salt buried deep in the Himalayan foothills is mined by hand and provided as a pure and natural salt that retains all of its original health qualities. It tastes great on food, and your body will love you for it!

    Himalayan Crystal salt

    Himalayan crystal salt is a natural source of over 84 minerals and trace elements that are essential for maintaining good health. The ratios of minerals in Himalayan crystal salt almost exactly mirror that which is found in an ideally healthy human body. 

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    “The visual appearance of the salt is appealing, but probably the most important thing is the flavour. I really enjoy the flavour and texture of it.”

    Geoff Scott owner/chef at Auckland top restaurant, -Vinnies in Herne Bay


    “I use it in everything. Firstly, because it’s organic and contains many different kinds of minerals, so it’s very good for your health, which is important for my customers. It also has a beautiful taste – not too strong. I liked it from the moment I tried it.”

    Jean-Philippe Kerstenne, Aubergine North Shore


    "Himalayan salt has amazing healing properties known by the ancients and recently rediscovered. It also has an incredible flavour. Gordon Ramsay would recommend it for that alone!"

    Michael Handcock, entrepreneur and international presenter.